Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm sorry I've been away!


I am sorry about the lack of updating lately... I recently moved into a new home, and don't have my internet hook up ready for my computer yet. Without this, it's a bit difficult to communicate with my webmaster... I PROMISE that in another couple of weeks, everything will be up and running, and the site will be fully updated with new content and pics. I also plan on launching my member's section next month, so please keep checking for that!

Also, please check out my appearances page in another week or so for my January and February appearance dates, and '05 competition schedule. If you are in the NYC area, there will be TONS of chances to talk to me in person at one of the many events I'll be attending. I love to meet new people and love to answer your most pressing fitness and diet questions so that you can really maximize your personal fitness. Please stop by one of the venues and say hello!!

Thanks for your patience everyone, and TAKE CARE!

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