Monday, June 13, 2005


Ok, so it has begun. Every season, whenever I start getting super-lean, I fall into this habit of reading menus... I go online to this great website called It lists the menus of practically every restaurant in NYC. Sounds crazy right? This actually helps me through the diet in a weird way... when I can't sleep at night (because I'm so damn hungry) I log on and read away. I know, I'm a little strange... just thought I'd share :-)

Oh, it's also my birthday today... yay. No cake. Great.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! (I met you last year at Jr. Nationals in Chicago -- we were in the same group (C).) I was so excited when I heard you got your pro card this year! Way to go! Good luck at the NY Pro! : ) -- Molly, p.s. Cool blog!

Jennifer Searles said...

Hey Molly!! How can I e-mail you? I logged onto your site, and there was no contact link...Will you be in Chi-town this weekend? If so, look for me, I'll be there cheerin' y'all on! GOOD LUCK!