Sunday, August 06, 2006

Round 2 - Motor City Pro Figure - Detroit, MI - 8/12

As of right now, I'm a week out from my 2nd show of the 2006 season. The Motor City Pro Figure Championships is being held at the Hyatt Great Lakes in Detroit, MI on Sat. Aug. 12th. I was originally planning on doing this show, but when I qualified for the Figure Olympia at the NY show, thought I would forego it. I realized that I needed a wakeup call after seeing the pictures from the NY show.... I was happy with how I looked, but knew I could've been much tighter. I felt like I needed to kick my butt, and step on stage one more time before the O in unbelievable shape. I also had forgotten that I was already locked into a contract to do the show in the first place LOL!

I have been taking no prisoners with this one... I can honestly say that I have been training and dieting harder than I ever have before! Never have I done so much cardio, or eaten such a tight and strict diet. I WANT this one. One of my goals in this sport is to win a title before I retire. I want this to be a realization of one of my dreams... and I am working hard to get there... Although this has been an extremely uncomfortable few weeks, I KNOW that I have done my homework and am bringing a VERY different look to that stage in Detroit. I'm tighter than I've ever been and am confident that I've made some significant changes since the NY Pro in July. I am excited and ready!!!

I also am very tired and have a cold right now LOL! Hard training is not too kind on the body.... Only a few days left... 6 days and counting.......................

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