Thursday, November 18, 2004

Can't wait to get back to the gym!!

Hi All!

Ok, so here's the deal... I just had surgery and have been forced to take the past two weeks off from the gym. No cardio, no lifting, NOTHING. I'm not supposed to go back for another week... I AM GOING NUUUUTTTTSSSSS!!!!!!! I'm seeing my surgeon today, and am going to beg him to let me start back up again on Monday. Only a few days early, no big deal right? Let's hope he thinks so too...

I have so much going on right now in my figure career, but it's all on hold for the moment due to this very annoying but absolutely necessary hiatus I was forced to take. I can't wait to get things going again! Here's what's coming up...

1) Brian Moss shoot
2) Eric Lemke for shoot
3) John Bailey shoot
4) surprise shoot - this will be the beginning of my member's section, which I'm aiming for a February/March launch date. IT WILL BE CRAZY HOT!! Check it.

I'm also, so that y'all know, going to be updating the tips and recipe page on a weekly-bi-monthly basis, so check it often. I'll be adding an update at the beginning of next week. I also added some Olympia party pics to the gallery. We all had SO MUCH FUN!!

'tsall for now... Talk to you soon!!

UPDATE - Doc said no to the Monday start date... Bummer!!!!!!! Gotta wait 'till next Fri... AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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