Sunday, November 28, 2004

Peelin' Off the Turkey....

I definitely had my fill of food over the past few days! I do have to say though, that I haven't been indulging in anything necessarily "figure busting", but I have been eating enough of the healthy things to feed a stage full of Olympia bodybuilders in their off-season leg day! At least I can be in the gym again, so I don't think the damage is too great.

I wanted to post some cool recipes for Thanksgiving, but they didn't make it up in time... Sorry gang! You can still use them for Christmas, and other days during the Holiday season. They ought to be up this week.

I have lots of cool shoots coming up (aside from the shoots listed in my last post, I also am shooting with JM Manion), plus the Arnold Classic is only a few months away, and I'll be working at the Prolab booth, so come and say hello. I PLAN ON MAKING MY PRO DEBUT AT THE PITTSBURGH PRO ON MAY 5TH. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been mapping out my plan of attack, and plan on bringing a slightly different package to the stage. Definitely look out for me!!!

Talk to Y'all Soon :-)

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