Saturday, August 27, 2005


I made it!! I placed 2nd at the NY Pro Figure Championships out of a competitive field of 23 beautiful pros a few weeks ago, and qualified for the Olympia!! HOW COOL IS THAT! Another dream come true for me! I have already reached my goal for this year as a rookie pro. I told myself that I am going to shoot for qualifying for the O this year, and try my best. Well folks, I did it!

I am currently prepping for the North American Pro Figure Championships being held in Cleveland on Sept. 2nd and 3rd (next weekend... ) This should be a fun show, as there is also a National NPC Figure event where the top 2 overall winners get their pro cards. PLUS female and male bodybuilding have a National NPC event as well. SO exciting!

Edge9 is also in the process of redesigning my site (I've seen sneak peeks, and it looks AWESOME) You can check out their website to see some samples of their work. My new site should be up soon, they are just waiting on ME to send them more pictures... I'm holdin' them up... after my show next weekend, I'll be more on the ball, and things will start moving faster... ALSO, the new member's section at should be running in a few weeks. They are ALSO waiting for more pics..... I am holdin' EVERYONE up!! I swear, as soon as I have my brain back, I will get things done ;-)

That's it for now.... STAY TUNED!!

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