Sunday, September 04, 2005

2nd Again!!! North American Figure Pro Update

Well, I just got back from Cleveland about an hour ago, and wanted to post the results of the show. I placed 2nd (again) out of 13 ladies. Jane Awad beat me by 1 point... SO CLOSE - and yet so far... Jane looked awesome, and I'll be seeing her again at the Olympia - watch out girl, I'm comin' to gitcha!! The last qualifying spot went to Melissa Frabbiele, who also looked great (she always looks great though!) This woman has done more pro shows than anyone I can think of! She rocks!

OK, here are the top 8:

8. Marcy Porter
7. Tammy Pies
6. Starling Steele
5. Valerie Waugman
4. Chaundra Coffey
3. Melissa Frabbrielle *
2. Jennifer Searles *
1. Jane Awad *
* Qualify for the Olympia

Congrats to all the ladies!!


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