Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just checkin' in and saying HI! OLYMPIA UPDATE

Hola Everyone!

Just thought I'd check in with you and let you know how I'm doin'. I am about 2 weeks out from the Olympia right now, and am TIRED! All I want to do is cry, sleep and eat (don't know which one I want more or first...) the end is almost here, and I will be getting a MUCH needed break after this. I am due for some serious relaxation and yummy eating!

On a positive note, I want to say that regardless of how yucky I feel, I am incredibly excited to be going to "the big show"! I feel like I am going to be more than ready, and my body will be lookin' great! This is going to be such a fun weekend, I am sure. There is going to be so much going on with the shows, expo, seminars, and parties, it's going to be a BLAST! I hope that a lot of you will be able to make it to Sin City to watch the show. I'm not sure which expo booth I'll be working with yet, but will post that info when I get it. I would really love to meet you, so if you will be there PLEASE check back and see where I'll be so you can find me and say hello!

The new site should be up soon too (I know I keep saying that, but I mean it this time!) It is being designed by Edge9 Design out of Manchester UK ( Their work is great, and I am confident that the site will ROCK. It is going to have an entirely new look and feel, with a new member's area, and updated photos and material, so definitely check it out. Please ;-)

That's all I can think of right now. I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to meeting you in Vegas!

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