Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Off to the OLYMPIA!!

I leave for Vegas in a matter of hours, and I know that I won't sleep tonight... way too excited for the weekend! It is going to be a blast... to compete on the Olympia stage has been a dream of mine ever since I started competing, and that day is 2 1/2 days away. UNbelievable!

I am hoping that I will get the opportunity to meet everyone that is going. Please stop by the Europa booth on Saturday and introduce yourselves. I really would love to say hello!

Until then, wish me luck! A dream is about to come true!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Valerie said...

Girl - you were awesome at the O!
Good for you and your mini vac. You deserve it!
You looked gorgeous girl-

My Journal said...

hi jennifer

a big hello from ireland, i just sent you an email and hope you get it ok...hope you can help and all the luck of the irish!!!
wee andi x