Saturday, November 19, 2005

MEMBER'S SECTION NOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to pop in and let you know that my member's section is FINALLY up! It already has tons of smokin' photos, and is going to include recipes, a Q&A area, and a vehicle to directly communicate with me. It's also the only way that you can ensure that you will get a response to an e-mail, because I answer ALL of my member's e-mails... I can't always get to the e-mails that are sent through the main site. It is definitely worth the 13 bucks.... Check it out!!

Aside from that, I am doing very well, and am THOROUGHLY enjoying a break from the rigors of contest dieting and training! I still train hard and intensely, but am not forced to do as much crazy cardio as when I'm prepping. I also am still eating well, but am indulging every once in a while (a girl's gotta!!) I plan on sitting the Arnold out (but will be there at the expo working....) I am going to start up again in the summer at the NY Pro Figure Championships, and am already thinking about my game plan. I PLAN on qualifying for the Olympia again, and MAKING TOP 5 THIS TIME!!!!!

until next time.... STAY HEALTHY and BE SMART!!!


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