Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It's been a while folks, and I'm SO very sorry I haven't been around! I posted on the event schedule page that I was going to be competing in Pittsburgh and Colorado this month.... as you already know, I'm sure, that didn't happen! I decided that it was better to start in July with the NY Pro in NYC. New York is my home base, and I am VERY excited to begin my season here! I had a few problems with my competition prep which interfered with my being able to do the shows in May. I am back in action though, and am ready to do some damage in the Big Apple this summer! The NY Pro Figure Championships is held alongside the NPC Team Universe and National Figure Championships so it is a HUGE show. If you are planning on being in New York over the weekend of July 14th and 15th, PLEASE come see me! I also will be making an appearance at the Pinnacle table during that weekend, and will be signing pictures and giving away some cool stuff. For more info on the show, please visit http://bevfrancis.com/shows.html

I'm also appearing at a few of the other shows held in NYC this spring, so check out my Events page to see where I'll be! In the meantime, I'll be on my stairmaster waiting for my tilapia to finish broiling ;-)

Have a Healthy and Happy Day!!!


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Karl said...

Good Afternoon Jennifer,

It is good to read about someone as upbeat as yourself. Continue the good work and the good fight to the top. If you could please pass along a word or two of inspiration to my fellow sevicemen stationed here in Hawaii. I am currently on a Marine base with a little Army,AirForce,CoastGuard, Marines, and Navy. Everyday ISN'T paradise for us, especially, the younger ones.
Good luck on your career and your success.

Very Respectfully,
Karl Baker, USN

Anonymous said...

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