Saturday, December 16, 2006

What happened to the members area??

For those of you who were members to my site when I had the private section, thank you so much for your interest and support! As you know, I’ve decided to do away with the section for various reasons. I am adding new features to the main site in hopes of making it enjoyable and interesting for ALL. For those of you who enjoyed the photo updates done in the member’s section, I have something for you too…. I will be adding featured galleries several times a year to keep you interested (a little more PG than the old member’s site photos, but still fun to look at!) I truly hope you enjoy, and am open to suggestions. I’m only an email away – let me know what you think!

Well, off-season is in full swing folks! I've been truly enjoying a little rest and food.... MUCH needed rest and food I should say! I've decided NOT to compete in the Arnold, but will be there at the expo at the Pinnacle booth (I hope...) So come by and say hello!

I plan on doing my next show in September - the Montreal Pro show... I need to bring my musculature down a little and streamline my physique, and need some time to do just that. Losing muscle is not the easiest thing to do, and it simply takes time to do it right, so... I'll be off the stage for a bit BUT plan on being around on the circuit doing shoots, making appearances, and cheering friends on at the shows, so I'm sure I'll run into some of you!

Until next time, look out for me, I'm definitely going to be around!


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Anonymous said...

Hi there 

I need help with my computer. I is always freezing when i open IE? What do you think?

Wow, I've found the same to be true too!  How did you find that?  

Bye, bye - Wendy! 

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