Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hangin' up my 2 piece....

After much thought and consideration, I've decided to retire from the stage... I really had a difficult time making this decision. My head was saying that it was time, but my heart was saying otherwise. Competing and the spotlight has always been a large part of me, and to give it up was like giving away my right arm and a piece of my soul. Not easy, and not pleasant! BUT, I knew that there had to come a point where I'd have to make a decision. I knew that I couldn't compete forever, and also knew that my energy was waning. I've had a GREAT run in my years as a professional with the IFBB, and wanted to leave on a high note. I won my title last year in the Motor City (first EVER Motor City Pro Figure Champion... a VERY cool title I must say!), did the Figure Olympia two years in a row, and placed in the top 10 in the WORLD two years in a row... I really felt like I had done enough. I decided that I would be content with that instead of continuing on. I know that my body had more years left in it for the stage, but I'm not sure my head did. Last season was especially tough for me prep-wise, and it really made me realize a few things about what my goals are. Did I want to continue to beat myself up in the gym, and diet like crazy for the same rewards I've been getting, or did I want to focus again on my work with other girls and building my business as a coach and trainer... I really had a difficult time balancing both. SO, I decided to pick the latter and focus on helping other girls have their time up there on the stage.

I get so much satisfaction from seeing others succeed, and to know that I have a chance to be instrumental in others success in this sport makes me so happy! I've had my success, and fulfilled the dreams of getting my pro card, winning a title, and placing in the top 10 in the world. Now I want to help other girls do the same. If I can help just one girl fulfill her dreams as a competitor, then I'll have won the grandest of trophies....

I also am going to begin judging at the NPC level. I can't wait! I also am hoping to someday be on the Olympia panel of judges. Another dream of mine that I feel I can achieve if I just try. Then I can say I've been on both sides!

I plan on being at many of the shows this year, but not as a competitor or sponsored athlete, but as a friend and supporter to the many friends I've made while competing in the IFBB. I'm really looking forward to watching and enjoying myself now! I'll still be forever tweaking and refining my own body in the gym... how could I not, it's what I know and what comes naturally to me! My body is my project, and something I can always work to improve upon.

Still look for me and say hello if you see me, because I will still be around!!


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that you will no longer compete Jen. You ruled the stage with your beauty and presence. I assure you you'll be greatly missed!

I remember when I first started seeing you compete and model wow, you have made some serious improvements in terms of your physical development and conditioning. Your ranking from amateur to pro in just a blink of an eye was mind blowing not to mention you also exceeded the norm in figure and packed on an impressive amount of muscle (Dang Jennifer, you're a rock). Seeing photos of you flexing still make me weak in the knees...Literally! Lol

Everything that you have done and achieved in terms of fitness and your own personal lifestyle is truly a blessing and well rewarded accomplishment.

You're still # 1 and competition is none!



P.S. If you do return to the stage will you consider competing as a fbb?

Anonymous said...

Good job, and good luck for the future !